used scot

Took a little ride to madison, Wisconsin last sunday in search of a fleet or lonesome boat...who's owner I could chat with. I found niether, but did find a used scot...# 5185 (I think...had no pen).

This was at a dealer, sitting on a trailor in his used sailboat section; more looking like a sailboat graveyard.

Price is listed at 9 Grand...listed as a 1998 boat. Quite frankly, it looks a bit of a mess: Mast laying accross the boat, lines tangled about, bow splattered by bugs (looks like my camper after a trip back from Wyoming), rudder laying in bottom, sails, I think, bagged under the deck, generally in a VERY unkempt condition...just not an attractive buy as it stands. I "thumped" around a bit, but am unsure of where to check the balsa core...any help?

I did not notice any obvious defects in the gelcoat and finish, but could not really get at it. Thinking of trying to find someone more knowledgable than me (shouldn't take long!!!!) do do a survey for me. Any suggestions as to where I could locate such an individual in the Madison Wisconsin area?

Just me or is the asking price a bit high (taking into account it IS at a dealer)?

Any assistance would be appreciated, thanks.

Oh, yeah....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!![:D]

Based solely on age, that is not a particularly high price. At this point condition and completeness are the keys.

If it is complete and has decent sails, and just needs a good cleaning and tweaking, on a good trailer.

Does it have a cover, compass, race rigging, or family rigged? (Race rigging is worth a little more, if you plan to race.)

How does the gelcoat look, was the boat stored covered, still shiny, or is it chalky with dirt ground into the deck? If the deck is chalky and dirty, then I would look really close at the bottom, as the boat sat out uncovered, a lot. In your area, if water froze in the boat, then you have trouble.

Find a Scot sailor to look at it with you and make an offer that you are comfortable with. who knows, they may be motivated to sell.

Have fun,

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086


Have you looked on the main FSSA page under fleets for Wisconsin? There are email links to the fleet captains. I highly recommend joing the FSSA as an associate member and you can convert to full membership later. When you join ask for the last Scots 'n Water magazine. Study the prices you see in the magazine and what's posted on the web site and other sources. Most of the boats listed are premium priced because they are newer and in top condition. Everything depreciates though and you can find a bargain for a couple thousand. There is a listing on ebay motors tonight that's at $950 and buy it now for $1250. I have seen used Scot's on in WI & MN. Try this site which searches for sailboats listed by make and by state on craigslist nationwide and sailing texas: I bought a used 1989 Scot that was in pretty sound shape for a good price, but needed work (new tiller, new lines, fill gouges & cracks on deck, paint deck, compound & polish hull). For me working on a boat is fun too, but others disagree. Similar to a book I read, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". Working on the boat helped me understand it better.