Hiking line

What are the considerations on installing a class-legal hiking line? What width of line, installed where, etc.? Is there a clever way to make use of the same eye-strap used in midboom sheeting? Thanks in advance for all help & advice!
-Richard Larson (5573)

I have the same question. I see no responses since 2004.

Can anyone help?

Alan Posner FS#5693

My hiking line is attached to the forward part of the centerboard cap. It's fairly thick line ( 1/2" braid I believe) with a knot tied at the end of it.

That position is nicely suited for the crew to grab and slide forward or back as necessary.



My real question is how did you attach it to the centerboard cap?


It is mounted with a stainless U-shaped loop with two screws. The line is passed through the loop and knotted so that it can't pass back through.

I'll try to snap a photo next time I'm down there.


I'd appreciate a photo. Is it "screwed" in with regular wood screws (or sheetmetal screws) or is it "through bolted"? I would think the loop would be under a lot of strain.

If it is through bolted, how did you get the centerboard cap off to do this?


Specifications from FSSA Handbook
4. No hiking straps, flying trapezes or other contrivances which achieve the same purpose may be used. Up to two (2) hand lines affixed to the centerboard cap are permitted, providing: their ends are terminated in a whipping, back splice or knot (not a loop); and, their ends cannot extend beyond the rub-rails when fully extended with the ends touching the deck. (See also CMR’s #15, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 10 & 41)

Chief Measurer's Rulings
35. The use of 0, 1 or 2 hand lines as described in the "Specifications" are legal. (1979) 36. There is no limit on the diameter of line used for hand lines. (1979)
37. The length of a hand line is determined after a knot is tied and includes the knot diameter. (1979)
38. There is no limit on the size of a hand line knot, providing the line length requirement is met. (1979)
39. The use of a doubled nylon tape (or rope) as a hand line is illegal, as it terminates in a loop. (1979)
40. Hand grips of any size, shape or make attached to or through the deck or hull to aid in hiking are illegal. (1979)
41. The outboard end of a hand line may not be cleated, tied or otherwise secured. (1979)

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

The simplest way to install a handline is to buy the kit from Flying Scot Inc. It includes the class-legal line, the attachment hardware and instructions. It's in the on-line catalogue under the heading "hand line". -Richard Larson (5573)