Photo of motor mount needed

Would someone send me a photo of a motormount in place on a scot? I'm mounting mine (with my nifty new Honda 2HP 4 stroke) this weekend and want to get it right. I do have templates but like visuals as well.



Anyone want to try a post here now that we can post images?


I don't have a picture, but I want to give a caution about the template. I have received many templates from FS over the years and have never had a problem with any of them, but I did with the motor mount.

The template goes on the outside of the stern. But before you drill any holes, crawl under the back cockpit and see where it will go. You'll notice a reinforced area that should correspond to the motormount area. I didn't do this.

Unfortunately, when I mounted mine, the right bolt (as seen from the outside, the one closest to the center of the boat) missed the reinforced area. After I discovered this, I double checked to see if I had misaligned the template. I had not. Perhaps the person who built the boat misaligned the reinforced area or the template was off. I don't know, but that bolt is in the wrong spot.

If I had to do over again, once I had the template in the correct place, I would nudge it some farther abeam to make sure that I hit the reinforced area.

This makes me nervous....I'm going to mount the mount <G> this weekend and want to get it right. I'll measure inside and out first but a photo would still help.


Did everyone get the motor mount photos they needed? My boat has melted out of it's snowbank and I would be glad to send photos to email addresses.
I don't know if there is a way to post photos to this page. Maybe someone could provide me with a tutorial if there is.

I sent you some pics. Not sure that is what you are looking for, let me know if they don't come thru.

FS 1385