FSSA Class Rules

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Flying Scot Sailing Association Class Rules, including Constitution, Bylaws, Specifications, Chief Measurer’s Rulings, Official Plan, and Sail Measurement.

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The Revision dated 7-26-2022 reflects changes approved by the membership at the NAC annual meeting in North Cape, MI:

Article II:  Revised to state that the objective of FSSA is to promote all forms of sailing (such as cruising), not just racing.

Article IX:  Revised to eliminate conflicts between membership categories, to list in detail exactly what the requirements and privileges are for each type of membership, to combine Sponsor and Sustaining membership categories into a single Affiliate category because they are essentially similar, and to make the article clearer and more readable.

Article X.1.b:  Revised to give the First Vice-President the responsibility for coordinating all national-level sanctioned racing events.

Article XVIII:  Revised to delineate the voting rights of Club members, and to limit Club member votes to the number of Flying Scots owned by the Club.

Article XX:  Revised to clarify who can initiate changes, the responsibilities of all the parties involved (Fleet Captains, Amendments Committee, Measurement Committee, Board of Governors, and Executive Committee), and the voting procedure.  It specifically allows review (but not formal approval) of Bylaw changes by the Executive Committee, because that committee can provide useful input. Unnecessary sub-paragraphs and confusing or superfluous words have been deleted.  Paragraph 9 replaces previous paragraph 5, to better organize this Article.


The Revision dated 7-26-2022 reflect changes approved by the Board of Governors in July 2022:
ARTICLE B-II – Reworded the membership categories for consistency with similar changes in the Constitution Article IX.

ARTICLE B-VIII.1 – Revised to correct the locations of other document referred to in the article.  Also revised the background information required to be submitted to the NCC for potential race officials for national events.  Clarified that sailing clubs without FS fleets are permitted to host national events.

ARTICLE B-VIII.6.a – Revised for consistency with the new membership categories in the Constitution.  Also required that Wife-Husband and Women’s NAC competitors who request a one-time exemption from boat ownership must join the FSSA as Affiliate members.  Clarified that non-owners are eligible for position trophies but not perpetual trophies.

ARTICLE B-VIII.6.f – Changed “borrowing request” to “co-ownership request” to correct an error in wording.  Also updated the location of referenced documents.

ARTICLE B-VIII.7 – Revised to provide better guidance on the crew substitution approval process for various events.

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