• 1/7/2014 Proposed Spec Change VHF Radios -

    FSSA has called a Special Meeting to take place electronically on February 7, 2014.  This document discusses proposed changes to the Specifications regarding VHF Radios and includes voting instructions.

  • Action Item Form -

    The purpose of this form is to provide the Executive Committee or the Board of Governors members a way to submit action items.

  • Bid Letter Template -

    A template to use when bidding for nationalevents like the North Americans and the Wife-Husband regattas.

  • Co-Ownership Certification Form -

    The purpose of this form is to have co-owners complete the certification form and submit to the FSSA for approval at least three months prior to regatta.

  • District Governor Kit -

    This is a template for District Governors

  • Fleet Captains Manual -

    This is a template for fleet captains

  • Fleet Constitution & Bylaws -

    This is a template for Fleet Constitution and Bylaws

  • Fleet of the Year Score Sheet -

    This document is for fleet captains to complete for submission of the Fleet of the Year award.

  • Flying Scot Official Plan -

    This is the Flying Scot Official Plan provided by Flying Scot, Inc.

  • FSSA Active Fleet Map -

    This is a map of active fleets as of 2009.

  • FSSA Future Sanctioned Regattas -

    The FSSA sanctions 4 yearly regattas, the North American Championships, the Midwinters Championships, The Atlantic Coast Championships and the Wife-Husband Championships.

    The attached shows the future locations for FSSA sanctioned regattas.  It also shows open slots available for fleets to bid.

  • FSSA Handbook -

    Flying Scot Sailing Association Master Constitution and Bylaws including CMRs & Specifications

    Recent Updates:

    The Revision dated 5-3-2015 added an introduction to designate the currently active Districts.  It also added a new article B-VII.2 to define the eligibility requirements to be scored for trophies at non-sanctioned invitational events.  It modified Article B-IX.9 to simplify the description of the NAC schedule.  It modified Article B-II.4 to change the due date for membership dues, consistent with the change to the calendar year for memberships.

    B-IX.6.c 4-23-14 revised article to clarify that previous Top 5 competitors at the NAC or MidWinters in the last five years must have their centerboards measured at the NAC in addition to any other required measurements.

    B-III and B-IV 4-2-2014 changed the due date of Fleet reports, to reflect the change in membership dues date to a calendar year.  

    B-IX.7 4-2-2014 Added Candlewood Yacht Club (CYC) to owned boats.

    Specification S-7. 4-2-2014 Revised to permit the use of VHF Radios while racing, with specific limitations.  

    Yellow Measurement Form: 4-2-2014 Revised to allow three boat weighing options:  hull only, hull plus centerboard, hull plus centerboard plus mast and standing rigging.

    CMR 28 Any bottom coating which is represented by the manufacturer as designed to last one season is not a temporary coating” and therefore not prohibited under the provision of S-V-3.  Any legal coating may beapplied only once per calendar year. (revised March 2013)

    CMR 87 The number of holes in the shroud attachment plates referred to in ARTICLE S-III - Spars, Rigging and Fittings, paragraph 4 Standing Rigging is optional. The minimum diameter of the attaching clevis pin shall be .25 inches. The restriction of not permitting changes to the length of the standing rigging during a race is further clarified that any changes cannot be made underway and shall only be made by returning to the dock/mooring designated by the organizing authority or the vessels home dock. (March 2013)

    Specification change dated 01-07-2014 revised Article S-V Racing Restrictions #4 to include the following: The use of the side stay is permitted for a hiking handhold provided that the crew is seated on the deck, aft of the stay, and with their feet inboard of the seat back.

    The Revision dated 07-16-13 revised Article B-X.1 to delete the requirement that previous winners of the Challenger Division must sail in the Championship Division of the Mid-Winters. It also revised Article B-VIII to exempt District Championships from approval of the National Championships Committee for the NOR, SIs, PRO, and Judges. It further revised B-VIII and B-IX editorially to correctly cite the location of several referenced documents on the FSSA website.


  • FSSA Organizational Chart -

    The Flying Scot Sailing Association Executive Committee, Officers and Board of Governors shown as an organizational chart. (PDF)

  • General Purpose Notice Of Race (NOR) - A general purpose notice of race template.
  • Host Questions -

    Questions that a club will be asked that is bidding for a national event.

  • Measurement Overview -

    General information about what to expect when your boat is being measured at a national event.

  • Membership Application -

    Membership Application in PDF form.

  • NAC Checklist -

    A list of tasks needed to host a successful NACs

  • NAC Division Placement Guidance Document -

    This document is for guidance only.  Revision 12-15-2012

  • National Championships Committee and Regatta Chairman Measurement Responsibilities -

    Details about the responsibilities of NAC or MidWinter Measurement officials.

  • National Championships Committee and Regatta Chairman Responsibilities -

    Details about the responsibilities of NAC race officials.

  • Sailing Condition Guidelines -

    guidelines that are provided for Race Committee use when deciding whether to start, shorten, or abandon a race.

  • Sanctioned Regatta Planning GuideLines and Requirement -

    These guidelines are intended for use by the Regatta Chair for clubs or organizations that intend to host a sanctioned FSSA regatta. They also contain suggested dates for the actions needed, to help plan a successful regatta.

  • Standard Notice of Race for NAC -

    This document is a template for the NOR for the NAC

  • Standard Sailing Instructions for NAC -

    This document is a tempate for the standard sailing instructions for the NAC.

  • Standard Sailing Instructions for non-NAC Sanctioned Regattas -

    This document is a tempate for the standard sailing instructions for non-NAC.

  • Transfer or Change of Ownership -

    This form is for transfering the ownership of your Flying Scot.