5373 For sale - Like a new boat

5373 located in North Carolina near Charlotte and can be seen at the Fall 48 Regatta Lake Norman YC. This boat has been kept with top and bottom covers for its life and is fully race rigged. Trailer is Trailex Aluminum, Sails by Schurr, hull white w/Dk blue trim, under deck & seats spinnaker sheets, 2/1 jib sheets to seats, guy hooks,  Plastico Tactical Compass, Spin Halyard reel take up led to Center board trunk, 6/1 Vang, Std. Spinnaker Pole, Ronstan 40" Hiking Stick, 2 anchors w/rode, fenders. throwable. All you need is a life jacket and car w/ trailer hitch. You will be severly tasked to find a scratch on this boat. Price is $9,500. if interested contact Bill Ross for pictures wbross11@windstream.net or call 704-664-9511.


This boat has been sold. Bill

This boat has been sold.

Bill Ross

Bill Ross  F/S 6020

Chairman FSSA National Championship Committee