Shroud length

I lost a mast last Labor Day. In rerigging boat 831, I have all parts to length per the factor specs and the rig is beyond loose to sloppy. Checking old parts, I find that an old forestay was shortened and used with full length shrouds. The rake would be over 29'5". The used mast I found has an 18' forestay but the shrouds were shortened. Mast height checks out. I am now working backward starting with the rack at 28'4" and making the necessary shroud length adjustments. Anyone have any thoughts on anything I am missing? Bob Wyatt


The shrouds should be 18'-4-1/2".

The shrouds should be 18'-4-1/2". All the dimensions can be found at: If you have questions about an older boat, it would be best to call Harry at FS. Phil Scheetz FS 4086

Phil Scheetz

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Phil- Thanks.

Phil- Thanks. I talked with Harry and eslved my problem. Bob Wyatt