Paul Schreck Sail makers question

When I took possession of my FS, it came with two sets of sails. One of them is “Paul Schreck & Co., Sail makers, Lillian, Al. I did a search for this company and came up empty. Does anyone have any information on these sail makers? Thank you, New owner of a very old FS.


I am new enough to the Scot (2005), but Paul was apparently quit

I am new enough to the Scot (2005), but Paul was apparently quite well known in the class and an accomplished racer. The 50th Anniversary Scots and Water had stories from the first 50 years of the Scot and I think they had a reproduction of a Shreck sails advertisement. Before Gus, Mad, North, Quantum, Dieball, you had Boston, Shreck, Fisher, Fowler, Schurr all very active in the class. Good sailmakers, also move around. Greg Fisher went to North, Dieball was at Quantum and now has his own brand. These guys also happen to be phenomenal sailors in most cases. Can any class veterans who knew Paul chime in? Phil Scheetz FS 4086

Phil Scheetz

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Paul Schreck and Co

i am sure this won't be read considering the time lapse between question and answer. My grandfather is/was Paul Schreck. What questions did you have about him? Yes he was definitely the accomplished sailor. Managed to win all his races with only one eye too. When he was younger he got hit in the eye with an oyster shell.