2011 Nationals

The organizing fleets, Sprite Island YC and Cedar Point YC have been busy this last year planning what we hope will be the best and most entertaining NAC’s yet for the serious racer, the weekend warrior and most importantly their families. Cedar Point YC is a world re-known sail boat racing venue. The club is home to some of the best sailors in the world. The club has been host to many national, regional, and annual regattas over its 123 year history. The club will be the launch point for the regatta and host many of the functions during the week. The club house is surrounded on three sides by water. There are two beaches, a playground, snack bar and a wrap around deck to enjoy the beautiful views. The club is a very laid back club. Sprite Island YC is around the corner from Cedar Point YC. Family members not racing during the day are invited to take the launch over to the island and enjoy possibly one of the most beautiful and stress free places in the New York City area. There is a beautiful beach and some very peaceful, shady places to read a book and un-wind. Sprite Island YC will also host a clam bake under the stars and tiki torches on Tuesday night. If you have not done so please take a look at the NAC web page www.fssa.com/nac a new schedule has been posted. The NOR will be posted shortly. You will also find under the Land Activities tabs many local attractions ideas for the non-racers. We have rigging, tuning, and on the water (with video) sailing seminar planned for the opening weekend by North Sails One Design. Plus a daily “Hot Scots” debriefing emceed by Alan Terhune and Brian Hayes. We are very fortunate to have Dave Perry with us Monday evening, July 11, to lead his famous and very educational and entertaining presentation: The Racing Rules You Need to Know in Crowded Situations. In this presentation Dave goes through the common situations where boats come together (the starting line, the beats and runs, and approaching the windward and leeward marks) and explains in great clarity what the rules say each boat can and can't do. He then gives some tactical tips on how to take full advantage of each situation. Dave will also open the floor up for a Question & Answer session; to be sure he addresses all the participants' rules questions. Dave Perry is a world-renowned expert on The Racing Rules of Sailing, having authored two books on them: Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing and Dave Perry's 100 Best Racing Rules Quizzes. There is a rumor that “blender Bob” is going to bring the famous 8 blender trailer to the club (start thinking about mixed drinks that need a blender, I see a competition between fleets coming…) We have secured a great hotel rate at the Norwalk Doubletree hotel, a 4 star hotel for $79.00 per night. You can start to book at anytime with no deposit. Go to the official NAC web site and click on lodging. We know that times are tough and money is tight. We hope that as you start thinking about your summer 2011 plans you will consider coming to Connecticut with your family and enjoying what two great clubs have to offer.


If you had trouble booking a double bed room at the Double Tree

If you had trouble booking a double bed room at the Double Tree Hotel through the NAC web site please try again. The issue is resolved. This hotel is on a main strip and serve business travelers. It will fill up quickly. Book early. You can cancel up to 600P date of arrival.

I wonder if you have any pictures of the yacht clubs that could

I wonder if you have any pictures of the yacht clubs that could be shared on this forum. Thanks, Marv

Marv Pozefsky

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We have a terrific regatta planned, including a lobster cookout,

We have a terrific regatta planned, including a lobster cookout, a special presentation by the one and only Dave Perry, and super racing. Back on May 11th a message was emailed to all Flying Scot members about the NACs in Westport, CT. If you missed that note, or want to check out the latest information about the NACs go here. There is not too much time left to get your entry forms in. The NOR and Entry forms can be found here. Hank Sykes FSSA Forum editor