Bottom job

Just completed a new bottom on FS #2. Used Pettit BioBlast stripper, Pettit Protect barrier coat, and Pettit Vivid anti-fouling. The stripper is fantastic. It quickly dissolved a very hard, dark red anti-fouling coat. I had tried several "hardware store" varieties of paint stripper with absolutely no success. The barrier coat is difficult to apply unless you thin the paint (epoxy) twice that recommended on the label. It is very hard and hard to sand. I ultimately applied (4) coats of the barrier. I also diluted the Vivid per the instructions on the can and it went on very smoothly. Three (3) coats of Vivid were applied. In all cases the paints were applied with a 7" foam roller and then tipped-out with a 3" foam brush. I estimate that the entire job took the better part of 28 hours and the cost was $300.00 approx. http//


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The link should be as follows