2010 Ephraim Regatta results

The 2010 Ephraim Regatta was a big success, with 31 Scots racing. Conditions were mostly light but the wind picked up in time to be classified as "medium" for the last two races on Sunday. Winner was Ryan Malmgren with crew Evan Malmgren. Second was Mike Faugust with crew Jennifer Faugust. Third was Jay Lott with crew David Sauter. Fourth was Cain Goettelman with crew Seth Goettelman. Fifth was Larry Klick with crew James Williams. Complete results are at http://www.eyc.org/2010-ephraim-regatta-results/ Thanks to everyone who attended the Ephraim Regatta. Next year's Ephraim Regatta will be August 6-7. Hope to see you there! Jay Lott FS 5698 2010 Ephraim Regatta Chairman