Loose Rig Sails on a Snug Rig in heavy air

I recently changed my rig to snug and bought a new set of MAD sails for snug rig (The performance of the boat upwind has really improved!) My B-sails are now my old (loose rig) sails which I intend to use for heavy air days (>15 mph)... I want to understand what is the potential issue with using the loose rig cut jib on a snug rig in heavy air? Any comments/insight would be appriciated! -Rob Hayes FS1878 "Bad Haggis"


Check with Ryan Malmgren at Mad Sails ryan@madsails.

Check with Ryan Malmgren at Mad Sails ryan@madsails.com I was asking him the same question the other day and the answer only takes a few seconds. Jay Lott FS 5698