Back Trailered FS up Steep Driveway?

I have a steep driveway and am considering a used FS, but want to make sure that I will be able to back it up my driveway before buying. Does anyone have a steep driveway, and experience with the limits on backing in a trailered FS? Dimensions of the rise/run of the driveway would be helpful in determining if I can get one up mine. Also, if anyone could measure thier FS on the trailer and send me the dimensions from the hitch to the center of the axle and from the center of the axle to the stern of the boat it would be helpful. What is the height of the bottom of the stern off of the ground when the trailer is set level?


I have a very steep driveway.

I have a very steep driveway. I have the TeeNee galvanized trailer from 1985. This trailer is a lot higher than the new aluminum trailers. The stern does not get near the driveway. I have always backed down the driveway and pulled the boat up the driveway. Phil Scheetz FS 4086

Phil Scheetz

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