Awesome Flying Scot for Sale

Pictures at This is a must see 1968 boat! I bought it last summer from an older gentleman that kept it stored in his garage for the last 20+ years! He told me that the fellow he bought it from also kept it stored in a garage. This boat is in awesome shape for it’s age. The trailer is also in great shape with only surface rust here and there. Take a look at the pictures below and see for yourself. I brought it home and re-painted only the hull but not including the bottom of the boat. As you can see in the pictures, the bottom of the boat is still the original color blue. I used a marine paint and had it sprayed on so it is smooth. I re-painted the hull white because the blue had many scratches on the sides. I did not paint the deck or seats because they look fine. I replaced all of the running rigging, added a swim ladder bought newer “North” sails from a fellow sailor and rigged the spinnaker recoil along with adding Harkin ratchets. I also replaced the lights on the trailer, the trailer lift wheel and the the winch. I put on new tires and rims and even replaced the wheel bearings and added bearing buddies! This boat does not have any soft spots and is ready to race. I have recently been laid off and need to sell the boat to pay off a couple of bills. My Loss is you gain! The boat also includes a new “Sailors Tailor” cover. There are many other parts added such as the new Hold down strap that I can not even remember right now. Yep .... I spent a couple thousand getting her in shape! Start the slide show and take a look. Call Greg anytime at 608-444-5729 Greg


I forgot to say that the boat is located in Southern Wisconsin o

I forgot to say that the boat is located in Southern Wisconsin on Lake Delavan and I am asking $4,500. Thanks! Greg