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I find myself in a virtual single-handing situation regularly. The wife and kids are with me but her attention is focused on the boys not on sailing. Saturday we were out in a bit of a breeze (mid-teens). My (new to me) boat is equipped with the FS jiffy rig kit. I had run the line while on shore, while we were out, I wanted to shorten sail a bit, unfortunately, I couldn't get the reef line to hold in the "lance cleat" that I believe is intended for it. This is a cleat on the side of the mast. I don't know if I have the line run wrong, the cleat is malfunctioning in some manner or what is happening. Can anyone with a jiffy rig kit help me double check my set-up? Basically the line runs from the back of the boom up to the aft reef cringle, down to the mast, forward along the mast to a turning block, up to the fore reef cringle, then down the mast to the lance cleat. I believe that the line is 1/4" braid. Thanks, Greg FS 4964


It sounds like the jiffy reefing line is run correctly.

It sounds like the jiffy reefing line is run correctly. In a couple of place in your description, it says mast when I think you meant boom, but I get the picture. Maybe the teeth on the lance cleat are worn out. When I got my boat several years ago, the main sheet cleat would hardly hold at all because the teeth on the cam cleat were so worn. If there is a cleat on the side of the stanchion, you could just run the line there. Some Flying Scots have a jam cleat at the bottom of the mast that could be used for the reefing line.


Thanks. Yes I did write mast instead of boom... Plenty of other cleats to try in the area (topping lift, spin halyard, etc.). Guess I will investigate that more next time out. FS 4964

Our boat came with the jiffy reefing kit but I never could quite

Our boat came with the jiffy reefing kit but I never could quite figure out how to easily use it. I find it's easier to sail with a full set of sail then to fiddle with the reefing. Especially with mid-teens winds I would think reefing isn't needed. How old are your kids? We're panning to take our 2 year old daughter for the first time on the boat. Our now 5 year old has been sailing with us for several years already. When we sail with kids we make sure that everybody is wearing a life vest and use the mast flotation. I wouldn't want to worry about our boat turteling when everybody is in the water.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

Claus, Reefing wasn't needed for stability.

Claus, Reefing wasn't needed for stability. It was needed as our two year old was upset by the small waves and heel and was screaming that we were going too fast. Our four year old was loving life getting splashed on the low side. All of us wear PFDs. I don't have mast flotation, frankly the boat seems stable enough that I doubt I would dump it in the conditions that the kids and wife are willing to sail in. Out with another adult would be a different story... Greg FS 4964

Greg, I just thought of something.

Greg, I just thought of something... Whatever cleat you use should be near the centerline of the gooseneck joint. If it's not close to the centerline, then the line could get tighter when the boom is let out, depending on which side and how far from the centerline the reefing line is cleated. Greg Flying Scot #1087

Reefing .

Reefing .... I am a 98 percent single hander. I find the jiffy reefing option indispensable. I would not leave dock without it. It takes all the excitement out of heavy wind. I find I can sail much faster with a reefed sail in strong winds. Peter Dube' Vero Beach

I have our boat rigged with the Jiffy Reef system also, but we h

I have our boat rigged with the Jiffy Reef system also, but we have used it only once. There is an interesting suggestion in Sailing magazine, (April 2009, page 26/27) that suggests adding a block to the main sail's reef cringle to reduce friction during the reef process. I plan on adding this asap! I like the ability to reef the main sail, thereby depowering it, for a more relaxed sail. I don't want to spill any of our expensive Courvoisier V.S.O.P. on my blue blazer during one of our evening cruises on the lake. However, on race day, I am all business, but sadly still at the end of the fleet.