Need sails for worlds most unique Flying Scot

Folks, my name is Bill. My wife, Amy and I are sailing our 38 foot Island Packet around the world. We have been out 2 years and have about 2 and a half to go, we are currently in the Marshall Islands in the North Pacific. About 2500 miles east of the Philippines and 2500 miles north of New Zealand. And believe it or not we have met what I believe to be a Flying Scot in a remote coral atoll called Likiep. A man there is trying to rebuild an old deck caved FS that he found. He has cut away about 70% of the deck and glassed in plywood and new strengthening beams athwart ship to support the mast. He is building a rudder from scratch and building a motor mount for a small outboard. The boat will be heavy but solid and he hopes to use it to sail copra (coconut product) and people around the atoll. This may seem ambitious, odd or even impossible to you but you would not believe what living 2500 miles away from civilization will enable you to accomplish when you have a need. AND… He needs sails. I expect a lot of Scot racers upgrade sails on a regular basis and I imagine there are a few sets of sails hanging around getting moldy. I am writing to ask if anyone has a set of sails that they would donate to the cause or sell at a modest cost. To you they are bagged out or out of date but to this Marshallese man they would be a gift from Heaven, and would give a new and totally unique life to a Flying Scot. As I said, Likiep is very remote. They get a supply ship about every 3 to 4 months. There is a small air system that flies when the plane is in working order, they actually have two planes right now but for whatever reason they are grounded. And while they get nothing that looks like mail on the atoll, they do get US mail to the capitol of the Marshalls, Majuro, and there is a Fed-Ex agent, though there is no Fed-Ex office. I know, complicated but welcome to the 3rd world. So, if anyone has a set of sails that they could contribute to the cause, we will be happy to pay for the shipping. Any takers? Contact us directly at