Decent Scots, Sails, Equipment Wanted

Hi Folks! My dad and I are in the process of reviving a Scot fleet on Lake Massabesic in Manchester, NH. In doing so, we are snapping up inexpensive, decent Scots, sails and gear. We are hoping to purchase more gear and equipment to build a club racing program -- none of us are likely to be ready for campaigning any time soon (our friends at Massapoag, etc., will not need to be nervous, yet -- Ha!). If you have an underused Scot, extra set of sails, or anything Flying Scot that you no longer need, move it out of your garage, and into our new fleet! You can contact us here on the List, or off-List at Many thanks for any help you can offer. Dennis Dobe Hopkinton, NH


Hello again, Everyone.

Hello again, Everyone. As a follow-up to my previous post.... 'Fixer-Upper Scots' are also highly sought after for our club. My dad and I are confident that we'll get a new fleet up, sailing, and racing at Massabesic with just a few more boats. Boats in the $1-3K range and located in the Northeast will probably be most attactive to our sailors. Although also desirable, we have trailers to share in our group already, so a boat/trailer combo. is not critical. In addition; sails, spars, blades, and spinnaker rigging in respectable condition are sought to outfit, complete, and/or improve the boats already in our club. Many thanks, again, for any help that you can offer. Dennis

Hello, Everyone! We just formed our fleet up here in New Hamp

Hello, Everyone! We just formed our fleet up here in New Hampshire (the only one in our State). We were awarded Fleet Charter #196, and are very proud to join your ranks. I have had a few replies to this posting since it first came online in the Fall. Flying Scots are generating more interest in our club, and we'd love to add a few more boats to our fleet, and/or improve the Scots we already have onboard. If you have an under-used Scot, or any Scot equipment that you can part with for our cause, we'd really appreciate it! You can email me directly at if you or someone in your club can help. Many thanks. Only three more months until the docks go back in the water! Dennis

Hi : I have a few old but good FS mainsails for sale.

Hi : I have a few old but good FS mainsails for sale. All have reefing . Two have had very little use,are clean & are in perfect condition . One was used as an everyday sail by me & has a few dirt marks on the foot of the sail where the vang is attached to the boom & where the boom rests on the boom crotch . Plastic window has been repaired with heavyduty scotch tape. Sail can be cleaned easily & the window can be used as is, or replaced . Anyone out there need a main ,please get back to me . Thanks, Bill