FS 5165 for sale ++ 3 suits of sails ++

FS 5165 is available for purchase. Contact Jeff Foerster jfoerster@aol.com 210.838.0024 Pictures available. Flying Scot 5165, built by Flying Scot Inc, is always dry sailed, kept covered and super clean. FS 5165 is in absolute top notch condition ready to day sail and is rigged race ready. Features Include: Internal spin sheeting system, seat cleating, aft led spin halyard, aft led vang system, Ronstan hike out stick, cunningham system, BEAUTIFUL race quality super clean centerboard, Flying Scot "easy-launch" galanized steel trailer, also includes full mooring cover. FS 5165 is ready condition for you to sail or race. FS 5165 also features a HUGE sail inventory which includes three complete suits (main, jib, spinnaker) of racing sails and plus an extra (fourth) spinnaker - well over $4,000 worth of sails if purchased new. This boat is best described as a Radical Race PLUS Flying Scot. Delivery* to your favorite sailing spot available. Price Complete $11,000 More information and pics. [?] Contact FS 5165's owner, Jeff Foerster jfoerster@aol.com 210.838.0024 [?] Flying Scot 5165 is located at Lake Canyon Yacht Club (http://lcyc.net) , just northwest of San Antonio, TX. *Affordable delivery available to most locations, especially on the route from Texas to the Flying Scot factory in western Maryland and surrounding areas - contact http://FlyingScotSouth.com for more information on delivery costs, 214.417.1667 ---- If you must know ..FS 5165 is for sale to help cure a case of Gotta-get-new-boat-itis. Don't laugh, it's a serious Flying Scot sailor's disease that mysteriously keeps recurring in its victims every 5 to 10 years! Fortunately, the Flying Scot Inc, sailor's diseases research lab does provide treatment. ----