gybing the spinaker on a broad reach

We are looking for an efficient way to gybe the spinaker when coming into a mark on a reach. Suggestions would be welcome.


Assuming you know the sequence of events to jibe on a dead downw

Assuming you know the sequence of events to jibe on a dead downwind run, the only difference is to be more aware of timing the jibe. When coming into a mark on a reach you must either come in 10 to 15 yds short of the mark and "square off" to jibe downwind, allowing you to harden up for a close turn at the mark. The alternative is to come in tight to the mark and risk sliding low of rhumb line to the leeward mark as you square off to jibe. The need to square off downwind is governed by windspeed. Unless it is really howling (15kts+) you should be able to do a smooth tactical (close to the mark) rounding. The skipper, or mid crew if you have three, needs to be aware of the slack needed in the new guy to allow the forward crew to reattach the pole to the mast. Our jibe sequence(from starboard to port)is: Crew hands sheet and guy to skipper who is standing and steering with his knees. As the turn starts, the crew releases the guy from the stbd hook, Grabs the vang to swing the boom over, and gets the new guy under the port hook. (in heavier air we may keep both lines under the hooks until the jibe is complete.) Crew then swaps ends of the pole, getting the guy in the jaw and the pole on the mast ring. Then crew reassumes control of both sheet and guy. Skipper is trying to fly the chute full throughout the turn Bob New FS 5143 Merritt Island Florida Fleet Captain Fleet 179