Need Help Pricing & Selling a 1974 Scot

I am an experienced ex-marina owner but don't know much about these. My only FS involvement up until now involved taking care of a newer one for a customer. I need to sell a 1974 for a friend and want to get him a fair price. I'd prefer that it goes to someone who appreciates these. It's a 1974 with "newer rigging" (whatever that means - I'll have to see). It's been outside all winter and I'm waiting for the snow to melt to take a closer look. I think it is a pretty sound boat. White w/ blue stripe and an older trailer that has rust. Blue cover that collapsed under the snow. Needsa a good cleaning/acid wash. I think this was its first winter stored outdoors. Please tell me what to look for, take photos of, price range (depending on condition of course), etc. Located in SW Michigan. Thanks! JH