Jib seat cleat parts

I re-rigged my jib sheets so I have the parts for the seat mounted jib cleat controls available. I don't know the Harken part number but this is for the vertically mounted block with cleat combination on a swivel base. The same part as shown here: http://home.att.net/~unofficial-flyingscot-page/images/jib2_ts.jpg http://home.att.net/~unofficial-flyingscot-page/images/jib1_ts.jpg Those pictures are not of the actual unit. This is not the 3 individual piece block,bullseye fairlead, cleat combo FS sells now. The 3 mounting bolts on each piece will need to be replaced on these. The previous owner installed them with a backing plate under the seat (Good). The backing plate was aluminum (bad) and it reacted with the stainless steel mounting bolts to pretty much fuse together. As such removing these destroyed the mounting bolts. Disassembling the parts allows access to the mounting bolts so it should be no big deal to replace them. I will also have two Harken rachet blocks available to replace the stock turning blocks on the tracks so the jib sheets can still be racheting. I'm just waiting for a pair of non-rachet blocks to arrive to swap them out. With three or less people on the boat the seat cleating is nice and helps keep the sides clear for sitting on them. However, if you routinely have more people onboard the loss of seating is a pain so please keep that in mind. I can e-mail pictures of the actual units if interested. $100 with shipping. Thanks, Shawn