MS REGATTA 2006 PORTLAND MAINE Over 100 sailboats competed in the 25th annual MS Regatta in Portland Maine on August 19. Our Flying Scot class was represented by FS 803; skippered by Pete Frankwicz, crew Brad H. and Hughes K. The winds were strong; SW 12-15 knots with gusts to 20 knots. FS 803 sailed in Cruising Class D; 9 starters PHRF 249 - 216. The course was 7.57 nm and basically a windward - leeward running from Fort Gorges to G11 Hussey Sound channel marker and back [NOAA map 13292]. FS 803 crossed the finish line fifth and was placed sixth on a corrected time of 1:13. A three family pot luck party was started at the Centerboard Yacht Club in South Portland upon the return of FS 803 that evening. FS 803 was the only one design centerboard sailboat in the regatta and the smallest. Not to bad a finish for a grandmother of the Flying Scot fleet FS 803 at 41 years old hull. Hard Starboard; FS 803


My wife and I were on a plane approaching the airport in Portlan

My wife and I were on a plane approaching the airport in Portland on Aug. 19 and saw the long line of sailboats in the beautiful harbor. It is great to hear that there was a Scot competing. By the way, we were heading to Rockland for a six day cruise on the Schooner Nathaniel Bowditch. If you want the sailing experience of a lifetime, choose this boat for your next vacation. It is a living museum of the way sailing was many years ago and the coast of Maine is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The Captain and crew made the trip absolutely wonderful and the food was phenomenal!