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does anyone have recommendation for company for main and jib sails for small inland lake sailing. It is smooth sailing and I hear that North sails are better suited for waves and bay/large lake sailing. Any advice anyone?


Hey Frank, Phil Scheetz here, and the Norths seem to be doing

Hey Frank, Phil Scheetz here, and the Norths seem to be doing OK on the pond at NSC. George Balas and I both bought new snug rig North setups this year, and Mike Noone has been going fast for several years with North Snug Rig sails. Brent Benson, our local sailmaker seems to have some guys who are going pretty fast on his sails. The traditional notion of Gus sails being fast in flat water may be true. George had Gus before his new North Sails, so I would ask him. Greg Morrison got his brand new Scot delivered with Schurr sails, and he won a few races this year. I have seen Quantums in races in NJ and they look good and seem to go well. I have to say I am happy with the speed and workmanship of my new North sails. Cleaning the old ablative bottom paint off my boat made a big difference in light air as well. I honestly think that any of the above maker's sails, when fresh, are faster than any five or ten-year-old set. Fresh sails, and the right rig setup on the boat, with a fair bottom, make a fast boat. After that it's all you... Practice and making mistakes teaches you to eliminate "variables" and begin to eliminate the tactical mistakes that make us go slow. Fast sails+easy-to-tune rigging+clean boat+practice in a race situation= Phil Scheetz FS 4086

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