Contest Tactical Compass

I have a Contest 101 tactical compass that come with my boat when I bought it. Can anyone explain this thing to me? I can't find instructions online. Thanks in advance. bj


Greg Fisher from North Sails, has a book on One Design racing te

Greg Fisher from North Sails, has a book on One Design racing techniques, that he and Tom Hubbell co-authored. Tom is a Thistle sailor, and Greg and Tom do clinics together for Thistle class. Sailboat Racing with Greg Fisher is the title. I thought I bought it from a site called, but I could not get it to load tonight. It is also available from APS in Annapolis at There is a great chapter on compass use. By the way, if you don't plan to use it, I am looking for a Contest 101 Tactical or TackTick compass for my Scot. The rest of the book has great stuff on teamwork, tactics and speed. There are specific items that refer to Scot and other classes. Well worth the $25. I was also surprised to see that it mentions that new sails are faster than bagged out old sails. What a surprise! Seriously, the book goes out of it's way to not be a North commercial and Greg's insights are great. Have fun, Phil Scheetz FS 4086

Phil Scheetz

Flying Scot 5919

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club

Thank Phil, I'll look for that.

Thank Phil, I'll look for that. I have used a standard compass for years - its just that I dont understand the color blocks and numbers on this tactical compass. Maybe this book will help. Byron bj