Katrina Recovery

Buccaneer Yacht Club of Mobile,Alabama, like many on the Gulf Coast, had our clubhouse and equipment washed away by the storm surge of Hurricane Katrina. To date we have concentrated on getting our facilities habitable. Now it is time to sail. Unfortunately our sails were scattered by the surge. We have recovered sails and parts literally from miles away. The mains and jibs are now soft enough to sleep under, but they are still good enough for some practice and lessons. Not a single spinnaker, however, survived. Each was sucked out of the bag like a kleanex dispenser and destroyed. We are looking for donations of any old spinnakers for practice. They don't have to be fast, just servicable. There are other clubs from Alabama, Mississippi and Louisianna interested in the same. If anyone is reducing their inventory for spring cleaning, and willing to help out, please email me, johnny@wacker.org. Thanks.