Storm sails?

I have been teaching beginners to sail for several years now. The last two years I have been using a Flying Scot. The winds here are very strong most of the spring. Today is a typical spring day with winds 24mph gust to 31. While I would enjoy sailing in these winds with experienced crew, it is not the greatest experience for newbies. I have tried using smaller sails from other boats but they are not made to handle the loads. Is there a standard storm sail for the FS or can anyone recommend a source or design? Ideally, I would like a set of sails that would handle well in 18-25mph and be fairly quiet. Thanks. MS_/)


Check out Schurr sails.

Check out Schurr sails. They offer a storm sail for the Scot.

Flying Scot sells a jiffy reefing kit.

Flying Scot sells a jiffy reefing kit. Schurr Sails can put gromets in your mainsail to use with the reefing kit. We had this done with our older cruising sail, not our racing sail. Having a main that reefs quickly seems easier than having to change sails. Sometimes we sail with jib and reefed main; sometimes we take the jib down and sail with just the reefed main. Be careful that the boom doesn't go in the water when you lower the main part way to start the reefing process. To prevent this, we're experimenting with taking off the vang and raising the end of the boom up to the reefing line gromet BEFORE we lower the main halyard. This helps keep the end of the boom out of the water. It's a good idea to practice reefing on the water in good weather so skipper and crew will know the drill when the wind picks up. Lee Sokol FS 2302 Asheville NC