Radical Racing set-up

All: I would appreciate a description--as detailed as possible...or photos!--of the latest and greatest racing running rigging setup. I presume a Scot as rigged by the factory called their Radical Racing setup would be the latest. What I would like to do would be to understand it enough to be able to order the necessary parts from Harry and Karen to convert an older boat. Any help is most appreciated. Also, a couple of specific questions: On the centerboard trunk I have seen what was described to me as a "magic box" where several lines led aft to it were controlled. What lines are typically led to this device? I have seen Scots with spinnaker turtles mounted in the forward corners of the seats. Where can I buy those turtles? And is the mounting permanent or can they be removed when not racing? How does the hiking line work and how long can it be to be legal? I presume it is a line of a particular diameter that you simply hold onto as you hike out, right? What size line works best? Is changing from the little blocks on the aft deck to through-deck blocks for the spinnaker sheets a process that would endanger the balsa core? I presume the holes for the through-deck blocks would be made precisely where the older blocks are mounted, right? Lastly, on the particular Scot I am buying (32XX), there are two holes on the aft deck at each rear corner. Nothing is mounted there but by the rust residue, something was. Any idea as to what? Cleats for docking, perhaps? Again, thanks for any help!


Harvard Tiger: Consider coming up from Montgomery this weekend t

Harvard Tiger: Consider coming up from Montgomery this weekend to the Birmingham Sail Club to their Great Scot Regatta and looking at several of the boats. You will see many different versions or configurations of the items you asked about. I am trailering two of my boats there; one that is brand new with the radical racing package and another, older Scot that has been updated. You can look them over, take pictures, ask all the questions you want and somebody will be able to help. Also, you can call the factory and ask Harry, Karen or Dee your questions. Very helpful. The factory also sells kits with diagrams for all the items you asked about. As for photos, Scott Mauney posted many of the items you asked about at www.Scotsntexas.com He is another excellent contact person. As for your questions: The "magic box" allows the placement of up to three control lines in one central location. In general, the vang, topping lift and cunningham can be placed here. Having the ability to adjust the vang and cunningham without either the crew or skipper leaving the rail in a blow is wonderful. Spinnaker turtles: A bungee cord is led through the top and bottom slide and attached through a set of small holes drilled in the seats. The bungee is tied in a knot to prevent it from sliding back through the hole. Easy to install, easy to remove. The factory sells the turtles as well as several of the class sailmakers. Hiking Line: The length is regulated by the class rules which off-hand I don't recall other than it can't end in a loop. The size of the hand line is not regulated. Plenty of options here. Internal Spinnaker Sheets are a nice option. They clean up the deck and prevent you from sitting on the sheet or guy. I like this option. Flying Scot has the kit with everything needed. The two holes. These could have been from spinnaker turning blocks that have been removed. I wouldn't worry about them. Just seal the holes up. Now, one word of advice which I know you probably already know. All the new gear in the world is not a substitute for good sailing skill. You need to practice with this boat and the best practce to is sail and or race with other Scots. In Alabama, we have fleets in Montgomery, Birmingham, Muscle Shoals and Mobile. I travel with my Scot a lot and it's lots of fun. Best wishes. Willson Jenkins, Fleet 190 Muscle Shoals Sailing Club