Silver Piper Regatta

Many, many thanks to the members of Fleet 42 as well as the Neffs (Maryellen, Bob, Dave and Allison) for all of the hard work and effort put into this fledgling master's championship. For the last 4 years you have all done an amazing job of running races and making all of the participants feel well-fed and happy. You have a great facility at Selby Bay and should feel very proud of your efforts. Word is FSSA is sanctioning this event and it might be held at Deep Creek next year. We are certainly grateful to you folks for getting this championship going. Bill & Eileen Ewing FS 5246


Bill and Eileen get a resounding second from me.

Bill and Eileen get a resounding second from me. The Silver Piper has been top notch, with the Neffs, and Fleet 42 always making it an event to savor. And thanks to the Ewings for promoting the creation of this regatta those five or six years ago! FSSA Forum editor