Length of jib leads for 2 to 1

Hi forum members, Has anyone done research on the length from the jib tack to the knot, and the length of the tail from the knot to the turning blocks for the two to one jib sheets. It would appear that the windward sheeting geometry will be affected by having different lengths. Bruce Cattanach FS #3817 Monmouth Boat Club Red Bank NJ


About 10 inches from the jib clew to the knot with the blocks 2

About 10 inches from the jib clew to the knot with the blocks 2 inches beyond the knot. I use the smallest Harkens [micro-blocks?] with a small diameter sheet to keep weight down and allow the sheets to run easily thru the blocks. This requires good sailing gloves for the crew, but my small spectra chute sheets require gloves as well, so no biggie. In light air I use a 1:1 if the crew doesn't object. My crew [wife] does not like the 2:1 at all, prefering 1:1 at all times, so I switch sheets when I sail with others. I use Spinlocks mounted on the seats for the jib sheet cleats. They are easy to uncleat under tension in big breeze.

Thanks "Hot Wheels".

Thanks "Hot Wheels". I believe that we were using leads that were too long from the knot on the line from the clew. Although it shortens the amount of jib sheet that is needed to trim the sail, it also puts a different angle on the windward sheet. Bruce Cattanach #3817