What is the PHRF for a 78 scot...?

Want to race open class...need a number for PHRF..is there one standard for the scots or are there variations? have a spinaker that will be used as well....Thanks


I went to US Sailing (http://ussailing.

I went to US Sailing (http://ussailing.org/portsmouth/pyindex.htm). They listed a Portsmouth number for the Flying Scot (listed as a centerboard) and a conversion formula to PHRF as follows: D-PN (Flying Scot) = 90.2 PHRF = [(D-PN)-55] x 6 PHRF = (90.2-55)x6 PHRF = 211 Doug FS4491

Thanks for the numbers.

Thanks for the numbers. John McLaughlin Ngulule Customflex #1554