Solo Spinnaker Flying

Ok, I've finally launched her, successfully sailed several times, and made a bunch of modifications to her rigging already. All done solo since my potential crew work different days than I do. Now, I really need to know what difficulties I can expect if/when I try flying the kite solo. I have an idea for solo running rigging but maybe several of you have done this before. As always, I thank all for any help. Bruce177


Bruce, the North kite turtles from Flying Scot are invaluable, a

Bruce, the North kite turtles from Flying Scot are invaluable, and a deal at only 15 bucks. They allow you to pack the chute in the forward corners of the seats ready to launch. The halyard and pole topping lift (topping lift line should be long enough to store the pole under the foredeck without detaching - mine is too short, I have to unclip it and secure the line) should be run to the aft end of the trunk. I don't use a pole downhaul, had one but found it was unnecessary for the most part. The guy blocks/cleats should be in easy reach of the helm. Some kind of tiller tamer or lock (bungee, line, clamp, etc) is necessary to keep her tracking while the pole is set. I make the turn, set the tiller, go forward and set the pole and release the halyard from the guy-clip, go aft and haul away. On takedown, I set the tiller, release the halyard from the cleat and take it with me, release the pole, and pull the foreguy in while releasing the halyard, for a windward takedown. I have marks on the guys/halyard for doused positions, so they can be cleated at those positions before/during the takedown to prevent sheets in the drink. You could also make marks for a set, cleat the sheets there while launching, then sheet to conditions. I found windward takedowns easier for me, allows me to stay on the high side and not have the boom and jib in the way of flailing hands grabbing the kite. A steady wind of about 15 knots is my limit, anything stronger or gustier makes my adrenaline levels escalate way beyond 'relaxed'...but everyone finds their own thresholds. Good luck with your setup, and sail on!

Barry, thanks! I like the technique.

Barry, thanks! I like the technique. I'll rig her up similar and give it a go soon. I've already installed a ratchet block port and starboard near the stern to lead the sheet and guy to the two cam cleats located on the aft coaming. I have the parts to run the halyard and topping lift to the aft end of the trunk. I'll have her ready to go in less than a week. I'll wait for a day when the winds are 10 kts or so and try to set it.