sheets recommendations for racing

I am looking to replace some aging sheets on my boat. I want to replace the mainsheet and spinnaker with the best line for racing. What types and sizes would people recommend? Do I really need 1/4" for spinnaker sheets like the factory recommneds?


I use FS Part No.

I use FS Part No. 210100 Main sheet – 3/8” X 60’ – light weight woven polyproplene (Marstron) which I am happy with. I used to use the next size down on my old Scot but it got worn out faster. For spinnaker sheets there are several options. Some boats use the tapered sheets (you can get these at and some like me use FS Part No. 270210 Spinnaker sheet – 1/4” X 40’ – green or red (Trophy). If you have access to a marine supply store, go there and see the cordage they have. A lot of times, what you see in a catalog, may feel or perform different than you expect. If you are located in a FS fleet, ask what they use. I bet you any money, they would more than willing to tell you. Smooth Sailing[:)] Mark FS 5516 Grey Hare