1. A new Fleet not within the territory of an organized Fleet may be granted a charter upon application to the FSSA by three or more Active Members who shall be Flying Scot® owners. In addition, a club owning three or more registered Flying Scots®, and having three or more Club Members may be granted a Charter.
  2. Fleet Charters may be suspended or revoked by the FSSA for failure to maintain in good standing a minimum membership and quota of Flying Scot sloops as required above. Fleet Charters may also be revoked at an Annual Meeting by two-thirds (2/3) vote for other causes. (For terms of annual renewal, see Bylaws.)
  3. A new District may be granted a charter upon application to the FSSA. The application shall identify the Fleets that would initially constitute the new District, and shall document the concurrence of each Fleet that would join the new District. The Board of Governors shall approve all requests for creating, suspending, dissolving, and renaming Districts, and changing of Fleets from one District to another District.