1. To cooperate with other sailing organizations and to insist on strict observance of the FSSA Class Rules. The applicable requirements in the Constitution, Bylaws, Specifications, Chief Measurer’s Rulings, and Official Plan constitute the FSSA “Class Rules” as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing.
  2. To keep the cost of acquisition and upkeep of Flying Scot sloops within modest limits without sacrificing high standards of performance and seaworthiness.
  3. To promote a one-design class of Flying Scot sloops in which racing shall be to determine the skill of the helmsman (the person on the tiller, regardless of gender) and crew. Everything in the Class Rules is intended to ensure competition in boats of essentially identical design.

  4. A sloop is eligible for and considered to be in the Flying Scot class only if it has been registered with the FSSA, and conforms to measurement rules as certified by an FSSA “Official Certificate of Measurement and Registration” (Registration Certificate).