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2019 Women's NAC at Massapoag Yacht Club, Sharon, MA - Day 2


Photo courtesy of Bob Gaffney

And the winners of the 2019 Flying Scot Women's NAC are Greta Mittman and Jennifer Judkins from Corinthian Sailing Club in Dallas, TX. Our PRO Gary Werden sent the teams out in (very) light air with the plan to race as soon as the breeze picked up. And sure enough, they got in 2 races to complete a 5-race series for the event. The top 5 finishers,who each received a sail bag made by Stacey Rieu of MAD Sails, were (1) Greta Mittman & Jennifer Judkins, (2) Melanie Dunham & Stacey Rieu, (3) Mary Ann Hopper, Melissa Miller & Jennifer Draheim, (4) Natalie Colemna-Fuller, Connie Eckart & Kate Sharp, and (5) Sally Morriss, Denise Whatley amd Laura Graham. Full results are here 

Thanks to MYC, Fleet 76 and all the people who helped make this a successful event. And thanks most of all to all the teams who sailed! Pictures by Bob Gaffney and Diane Kampf are being uploaded here . More pictures from Gayle Sheridan are available here.  Thanks so much for all the pictures!!!

2019 Women's NAC at Massapoag Yacht Club, Sharon, MA - Day 1


The day started with a postpone on shore with light and squirrily winds. PRO Gary Werden and crew kept a watchful eye on the weather and we did finally have one race before lunch It was a shortened windward- leeward course and after lunch there just was not enough wind to race. At 4PM the wind filled in from the south and we got in 2 great late afternoon races before calling it a day.

We had a cocktail party followed followed by a round table with BIll Draheim from Quantum Sales and Ryan Malmgren from MAD Sails, joined by the top 3 finishers for the day - Greta Mittman, Melanie Dunham and Mary Ann Hopper. There were lots of questions and enthusiam from the audience!  All that was followed up with a lobstah dinner for the seafood crowd, streak tips and chicken for the meateaters and past primavera for the rest. We also had a raffle with prizes provided by our awesome sponsors and lot of folks left with some fun stuff!

Full results are at

2019 Women's NAC at Massapoag Yacht Club - Arrival Day and Practice Race

Photo by Bob Gaffney

We had our practice race tonight for the 2019 FS Women’s NAC at Massapoag Yacht Club in Sharon, MA. Nice breeze and stiff competition with 12 boats registered from 7 different states. Melanie Dunham and Stacey Rieu won the race. We start tomorrow at 9:00 skippers meeting. Can’t wait!

2019 Fontelieu One Design Regatta at Cedar Point Yacht Club Westport, CT


There was a time when only Thistles raced in the two-day Fontelieu Regatta in the Long Island Sound off of Westport, CT.  After all, the regatta is named after Ted Fontelieu, a capo of the Westport Mafia (aka Thistle Fleet 99). Not that Flying Scots and Lightnings weren’t invited; they were, but the Thistle Fleet’s East Coast Fall Series participants seemed to dominate the field.  Not so this year. Cedar Point Yacht Club’s decision to organize a second One Design Regatta (“ODR”) for center board fleets on September 28 & 29 comes just in time for Flying Scots across the region to race at the venue of the 2020 Flying Scot NACs (more to come about that soon).  The Fontelieu ODR scores will also count towards the second leg of the 2019 Flying Scot Connecticut Cup, which is held at Sprite Island YC, Candlewood YC and CPYC.

The CPYC ODR for center boarders will include Thistle, Lightning (3 man), Flying Scot (2 man), WASZP, Moth, UFO, Aero, and Laser fleets, making it a magnet for one design sailors of all stripes.  Two racing circles are planned to accommodate the multifarious one design fleets. CPYC is well known for high-quality sailboat racing and race management, while promoting friendly competition, good sportsmanship and camaraderie. 

Fall breezes in the LIS will add a level of excitement, to say nothing of the post-racing dining and whining.  Most importantly for Flying Scots, the event levels the playing field by affording many Scot sailors the opportunity to “play the course” fore the championship. Do not miss this opportunity!  NOR and registration information are here.

Non-Spinnaker Division Added to the Wife-Husbands!


Wife Husband Championship -

Non-Spinnaker Division Added

A Non-Spinnaker Division has been added for Flying Scot Wife-Husband Championship in addition to the Championship and Challenger Divisions. The Notice Of Race has been amended to reflect this change. The amendment is available at the link below.

Notice ofRace - Amendment (posted on 8-6-2019)

 Hope to see you in Dallas!

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