2018 NAC at Rush Creek Yacht Club, Heath, TX - Lots of boats have arrived

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From registration to measurement and everything in between, Rush Creek Yacht CLub is ready for the 54 boats coming to race in this year's NAC.  Almost half the boats are already measured and everything is like a well-oiled machine.  The weather is beautiful and there is a nice breeze.  Are you here?  You should be!

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Get Fast and Stay Fast - by Zeke Horowitz, NAC Champion


Important factors that affect your Flying Scot boat speed




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We’ve all read it a million times from all of the sport’s top performers – “boat speed is king,” “the key to winning consistently is boat speed,” “you have to have top boat speed to win”…. There’s a lot of ways to say it… But how do we achieve it? THAT is the question.

In the Flying Scot, one of the most important factors for boat speed both upwind and downwind is the center board engagement. When sailing upwind we need to accurately trim the sails, put the boat on the right heading, and get the body weight in the right spot so that the boat can get going fast enough to allow the centerboard to start working and achieving maximum lift. If any one of those three trims are off, the boat will experience some sort of stall which will decrease lift of the board and increase the distance between us and the fast guys!

The generic tip is “speed before height”. This is a simple concept that most of us understand – but it’s the execution of this technique that can be difficult. It all starts with positioning. The boat has to be in a place where you are able to ease the sails a bit, put the bow down, and let it rumble. If you are sailing with someone to leeward, you aren’t able to make this move and instead you are stuck trying to live in high mode which can be very unforgiving. It’s crucial to make every effort to make tactical decisions that keep people away from your leeward hole. Make sure that you have a big hole to leeward of you right after the start.

A couple keys to achieve that are:

1. Use a “high kill” in the last minute where you get the boat to coast at head to wind (without losing flow/steerage). If the boat to leeward of you isn’t matching, then that hole is getting bigger.

2. Accelerate the boat in the last 10-15 so that you can ultimately “pull the trigger” at 2 or 3 seconds which allows the boat to be already close-hauled at full speed at the gun. Of course this requires accurate knowledge of where the line is, but if you can already be full upwind with the center board working when the gun goes off, you are going to have plenty of room to leeward of you to let the boat rumble.

Are you going to the NAC at Rush Creek Yacht Club, Heath, TX?


At least 54 boats will be competing at the NAC at Rush Creek Yacht Club.  There are 5 boats registered for the Junior NAC too!  The competition will be great with lots of our best sailors competing.  Rush Creek has been working very hard to make this a great event. Check here for all the information on who's coming http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/15921.  Hope we get to see you there!

Online join/renew process is working again!

The online join/renew is working again - thanks to some help from class volunteers!  We apologize for the interruption and appreciate your patience.  Let us know at info@fssa.com if you have any further issues.  Thanks!

Lake of the Woods Sailing Club 37th ANNUAL INVITATIONAL

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Lake of the Woods Sailing Club  37th ANNUAL INVITATIONAL  - April 28, 2018

Wow! When LOWSC puts on their annual invitational they go all out for an awesome event. To start with their Southern hospitality is over the top as you couldn't find a friendlier or more inviting club. Everyone goes home well fed.  They provided breakfast, lunches (optional with registration) and pizza after the awards ceremony.   Everybody receives a souvenir picture of their boat.  The one-day event is always held the last Saturday in April and is the perfect regatta to kick off the upcoming season.

This year's PRO, Roger Schermerhorn was ably assisted by his lovely wife Pat, Debbie Cycotte, Mosby West and Bruce Carruthers who provided excellent race management for the scheduled three races.  It was a beautiful day for racing with sunny blue skies and wind ranging from 8 - 10 to start and building to 12 - 15 with gusts up to 17.  The top four places in the Flying Scot class were all very consistent with their finishes. The two wife-husband teams of John and Sharon Wake from Fishing Bay Yacht Club had three bullets to take home first place.  Close behind was Deep Creek Yacht Club's David and Karen Meehan.  LOWSC Flying Scot Fleet Captain, Jimmy Lee finished third and regatta event chair Dan McFarland sailing with his granddaughter, Emma was fourth. 

Before the awards ceremony they gave out door prizes and there was no shortage of them again this year.  They included merchandise from Flying Scot, Inc.,APS - Annapolis Performance Sailing gift certificates, and a bunch of gift certificates from local wineries and breweries.  Even all the event volunteers got their names in the hat to be selected.  The trophy winners took home beautiful wooden plaques with a photo of their boat.  Event chair Dan McFarland's son, Scott was the photographer who was out on the race course for the first race and then hurried in to print the pictures in time for the trophy presentation.  LOWSC Commodore is Gary Close from the Flying Scot fleet. A fleet of Sunfishes also raced in this regatta.

Full results are here.

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John and Sharon Wake                                                          Dave and Karen Meehan

TIme to register for the 2018 NAC at Rush Creek, Heath, TX

2018 RC Clubhouse

Join us in Heath, Texas at the Rush Creek Yacht Club June 9-14, for the 2018 North American Championship! 29 teams have already registered. Early registration discounts ends May 1 (Save $50).

Rush Creek Yacht Club is located on the southeast shore of Lake Ray Hubbard, located twenty-five miles northeast of Dallas, Texas. RCYC's 4500 square foot deck overlooks the sailing venue and affords an excellent spot to enjoy a beverage from the club bar and watch the racing action. Wind averages 10.5 mph with temperatures averaging lows of 72 degrees and highs of 89 degrees. In the June time frame, sailors can expect temperatures in the upper eighties to low nineties and a southerly breeze ranging from seven-to-fifteen mph and higher.

The starting line is often less than a five minute sail from the dock eliminating the need to tow boats to or from the racing area. The two hoists and double wide boat ramp will be staffed by volunteers to facilitate speedy launching and retrieval of all competitors’ boats each day. If you have a lifting bridle, bring it with you as the hoists are the fastest way in and out of the water. \

The club offers a heated and air conditioned full service clubhouse with restaurant, bar, 24 hour locker rooms, swimming pool, playground and huge deck overlooking the racing venue. All club facilities will be available to sailors and their families with the ability to purchase food and beverages. There is ample paved parking to support this event. Member’s boats will be relocated to ensure boat and car parking is available next to the hoists and boat ramp for participants. Additionally, there is a three acre field adjacent to the club used for overflow parking and camping. Register today: http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/15921

2018 RC Overhead

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