2014 Midwinters at Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans - Day 6 Final


2014 MW Day 6

Another beautiful day on Lake Ponchartrain starting out in sunny 60-degree weather, later getting up into the 70's.  It's hard to say what wind we had as we started at 11:00 with very little and shifty wind, so the Race Committee postponed for an hour.  When the wind finally came up, it shifted from NE to E to S to SE to E and everything in between, giving the Race Committee a pretty big challenge to get in the final 2 races for the regatta.  Once the wind came up and the Race Committee set the course, the first race went off without incident and there were no changes of course for any of the 4 Windward-leeward legs.  But in the second race, we moved pretty far from shore then had 5 starts and a few postponements, with one general recall, before we got the race in.  We finished about 2:30 PM and headed back in for the awards.  The final results include Zeke Horowitz winning the Championship Division and Alanna Strong winning the Challenger division.  Congratulations to all and thanks to Southern Yacht Club for hosting us this week!

Full results are here.

2014 Midwinters at Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans - Day 5

2014 MW Day 5

The winds were ready for us today with the sun shining, 62 degrees and the wind blowing 7-10 from the NNE and we got out to the race course in less than 1/2 hour.  We had a great race going but the winds were shifting faster than the Race Committee could react and that led to the abandonemnt of the first race after 4 legs.  Never fear, though, we moved the race course and got in a great race Windward-leeward 5 legs, with places changing fast - John Wake from NC won the race coming from 7th to 1st in the blink of an eye!  After a correction to the online scoring, Paul Abdullah leads the Championship Division and Alanna Strong still leads the Challenger Division.

Results to date are here.

2014 Midwinters at Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans - Day 4

MW Day 4

On Wednesday, the sun was shining bright with temps in the 70's and the wind was strong at first in the morning, giving us hope that we would go out and enjoy a few good races.  But as the time drew near to launch, the wind had died and we all took an hour to get out to the race course, But the Race Committee never despaired and sure enough, about an hour later we had steady northeast winds,  5 - 7 knots, sometimes slowing to 3 knots.  We had 3 good races before the wind died down a bit and we sailed in a bit slowly, but we got back to the docks without needing a tow or needing to paddle. 

With half the fleet going right and half the fleet going left, it was hard to say which way was better, because the leaders came from both directions.  Our builder, Harry Carpenter, won 2 races and local Benz Faget won the 3rd in the Championship Division.  Alanna Strong from Texas won all 3 races in the Challenger Division.  After 2 days, Zeke Horrowitz leads the Championship Division and Alanna Strong leads the Challenger Division.

This was followed by the seafood boil at the club with yummy crawfish, shrimp, sausages, potatoes, mushrooms and corn on the cob, with bread pudding for desert.  No one walked away with their belly empty!

Results to date are here.

2014 Midwinters at Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans - Day 3

2014 MW Day 3 Pic 1

After we made our way out to the race course on Lake Ponchartrain in the sunny 60-degree weather, today's first race was postponed in anticipation of a south wind filling in, but it just did not materialize. The winds continued to shift from northwest to northeast so the Race Committee went with that and ran two 4-leg windward-leeward races in 4-7 knot winds. We had great hope for a 3rd race which got through 2 legs before the wind died and left boats stopped all over the race course, so the Race Committee abandoned the race. As boats began to be towed in, the south wind finally came up and gave us a thrilling ride back to the Club.

2014 MW Day 3 Pic 2   2014 MW Day 3 Pic 3

As of the end of racing today, local skippers Dave Bolyard for New Orleans Yacht Club and Larry Taggart from Southern Yacht Club are 1st and 2nd, and Ryan Malmgren from Ephraim Yacht Club in WI is 3rd in the Championship Division. Jim Legette from Brandon, MS, and Alanna Strong from Dallas, TX, are 1st and 2nd in the Challenger Division.  As is planned each day, there was a debrief session after the racing.  Dave Bolyard and Benz Faget did a super review of the day's racing and eagerly answered questions from the participants.  Another fine day at Southern Yacht Club!  Results to date are here.

2014 Midwinters at Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans - Day 2

The day started out in the upper 40s today but got up to the 50s before the start of the Midwinter Warmups/Leukaemia Cup Regatta.  Ten teams made it out to the starting line on Lake Ponchatrain in 8-12 knot somewhat shifty wind with the lake a bit lumpy.  Harry Carpenter, our builder, and Melanie Dunham from Deep Creek Lake in MD were first, Roger Sharp and John Eckart from Massapoag Yacht Club in Sharon, MA, were second, Ryan Malmgren and Joe Brake from Ephraim Yacht Club in WI were third and John Domagala and Larry Brown from Sarasota Sailing Squadron in FL were fourth.  Full results can be seen here. 

2014 MW Terhune Racing Review    2014 MW Carrie and Nancy

Following the day's racing, there was "the keg" everyone waits for after the day on the water.  Then Allan Terhune from North Sails held a racing clinic, sharing his observations about the day's racing.  He spent an hour answering sailor's questions about what's different about racing on Lake Ponchatrain, what tactics to use in light air versus heavy air, and how to tackle the waves and the chop. 

The evening was topped off with a super welcome party at the Club, with some gifts give by Larry Taggart  to our President Frank Gerry,  In turn, Frank presented plaques of appreciation from FSSA to Commodore Wilson of SYC and Regatta Chairperson Larry Taggart, who works tirelessly with his team to ensure a good time is had by all at the regatta.  Larry also presented gifts to the judges, the PRO and several of the volunteers.  There were awards for the oldest skippers, first time skippers and for the skippers who drove 1500+ miles get to the regatta, all followed by awards for the top 4 skippers and crew from the Warm-up Regatta.  And as if that were not enough, Nancy Claypool and Carrie Berger presented over 75 raffle prizes donated by our WONDERFUL sponsors, so everyone who was present for the raffle won something - from hats and t-shirts to artwork created by local artists. 

Racing for the championship starts tomorrow - stay tuned!

Follow Eric Bussell & Chris Tesdal as they race Windtalker at the 2014 Midwinters

Eric Bussell and Chris Tesdal from the Midwest District are racing Windtalker FS 5631 in the Challenger Division at the 2014 Flying Scot Midwinters Championships in New Orleans.  Visit midwestflyingscot.blogspot.com for daily updates on all the racing action.  A link to the You Tube videos is here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXPpTrHi_o4

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