FSSA Class Rules

Flying Scot Sailing Association Class Rules, including Constitution, Bylaws, Specifications, Chief Measurer’s Rulings, Official Plan, and Sail Measurement

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Recent Updates:

The Revision dated 5-31-2017 revised Article B-IX.5.c (NAC Schedule of Races) to a 4 day format with eight races scheduled Monday-Thursday and all qualifying races being held on Monday.  Article B-X.6 (Atlantic Coast Championship) defined “sea” as the Atlantic Ocean and assigned the responsibility for sanctioning the regatta (including venue and dates) to the appropriate District Governors (Greater New York, Capitol, and Carolinas).   Article B-VIII.6.a (Wife-Husband Championship) allowed non-owners to request a one-time exemption from  the  organizing authority to participate as a non-owner and would be required to join the class as Club Members prior to the start of the regatta.  Non-owners are not eligible for perpetual trophies.  

Revised Article B-XIII2.a (National Championships Committee) to consist of at least three members of the FSSA, added the First Vice President as a committee member and indicated that the total number of committee members shall be odd.