Dining Suggestions

2017 Midwinters at Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans, LA - 5 stars -

Dining in New Orleans

 - 5 stars -

New Orleans is world-famous for its food. The indigenous cuisine is distinctive and influential. From centuries of amalgamation of the local Creole, haute Creole, and New Orleans French cuisines, New Orleans food has developed. Local ingredients, French, Spanish, Italian, African, Native American, Cajun, Chinese, and a hint of Cuban traditions combine to produce a truly unique and easily recognizable Louisiana flavor.

New Orleans is known for specialties like beignets (locally pronounced like "ben-yays"), square-shaped fried pastries that could be called "French doughnuts" (served with café au lait made with a blend of coffee and chicory rather than only coffee); and Po' boy and Italian Muffuletta sandwiches; Gulf oysters on the half-shell, fried oysters, boiled crawfish, and other seafoodétoufféejambalayagumbo, and other Creole dishes; and the Monday favorite of red beans and rice. (Louis Armstrong often signed his letters, "Red beans and ricely yours".) Another New Orleans specialty is the praline, a candy made with brown sugar, granulated sugar, cream, butter, and pecans.

There are too numerous good restaurants offering local flavor to list.  Several are not far from Southern Yacht Club, and include SYC's own restaurant.

So weather it Cajun or Creole, shrimp, oysters, crabs or gumbo -- you name it, you can find it in New Orleans!