What is the weight of my Centerboard?

I have seen conflicting weights on the internet concerning the centerboard of the Flying Scot. I have seen amounts from 80lbs to 110 pounds listed.  I have a 1985 Scot.  What would be the stock centerboard for it? 


CB Weight ~ 100lbs

Per the specs -

"The Centerboard shall be manufactured by a licensed builder of
the Flying Scot® of molded fiberglass construction with encased lead
with a total weight of one-hundred five (105) plus or minus five (5)
pounds. Shape shall conform to the official mold as originally designed
by Gordon K. Douglass. There shall be no change in the profile or the
cross-section of the blade or the head of the centerboard, and no
change in the size or placement of the centerboard rollers. (See also
CMR’s #20 & 71, 83)"