Wanted: Used, inexpensive set of sails (loose rig) for daysailing

We recently got #476 back from getting some work done at the factory, after purchasing her late last year. With a few sailing outings with my wife under our belt, I've noticed our sails really showing their age. As in, I can see through the stitching age. Doing some research, our Murphy and Nye main must be positively ancient. It could be as old as the boat. It is definitely no newer than the late 1970's, when Murphy and Nye was bought out by their Italian branch and moved entirely to Italy. In the best case, that sail is at least 35 years old. The Jib is a Boston, and also quite old, but I don't have a good idea how old. I also have a Boston main, but it is in really bad shape. 


We only daysail our Scot right now, and after the work we had done, the sailing bank account is pretty low. We are looking for an inexpensive set of sails to use. They can be a little older (but hopefully not 30 years old). If you have something, please drop me an email (woytek@dryrose.com). Thanks!




Inexpensive Sails

See http://www.intensitysails.com/gesaforflsc.html

I have a suit of these sails and I find very satisfactory----the price is remarkable!