Is there a way to figure out Sail/ Boat Number

I recently purchased a 1979 Customflex Scot.  It came with two mainsails each with  a different number.  I was wondering if there was a way to determine from the Hull Number what the Sail/Boat number is.  Going maybe over winter look to replacing the mainsail and want to have the proper number on it when I order.



Sugar Creek, MO


Hull Number

Is there a number carved into the centerboard cap?  It should be a 4 digit number.  If not, then maybe Harry at Flying Scvot can tell from the Hull number even if it is a Customflex.


FSSA might know from the membership list, if you know who you bought it from.

What were the two Sail numbers?  You could look to see if either is registered to someone else, and that might facilitate a process of elimination.

As stated above the 4 digit number on the centerboard cap is the normal giveaway.  If it is 1979 it should be in the 3000s.   Does it have the newer style hull number that was mandated in the 70s or 80s?  The newer hull number style has the date of manufacture in the number.  It is usually the month year, like mine has 0585 in the hull number, for May 1985.

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hull number

Sadly there is no number carved into the centerboard cap.  I do know the boat was orginonally from Maryland and used as part of a Navy ROTC training fleet, then she was transfered to Illinois to another Navy Fleet.  I do not know if either set of sails are even the ones that came with the boat in '79.  It does have the newer HIN plate and she was made in July 1979.


I will pull both sets of sails out and check the numbers. 




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