Storing Mainsail on Boom

I just purchased a used boat  and am in learning mode.

Do you have a recommended method for stowing the main sail while still attached to the boom? In the Flying Scot introductory video on their website there is a section where the boat is on the trailer and the mail sail appears to be rolled into a cylinder and tied off to the boom. The main sheet appears to be wound up in the main sail.  Is this correct?

If it is, then would the correct procedure for raising the sail be to release the lines holding the sail to the boom and allow the sail to unfurl into the cockpit, then fasten the main shackle to the head of the sail and feed the luff into the mast track while holding tension on the halyard as the sail is raised with the winch?

Pretty basic stuff, but we have to douse the main while out in the river and motor back to our dock about a mile up the creek from where it enters the river. Anything to simplify the maneuver would help.

Thanks in advance.


Storing mainsail on boom while motoring

Lazy jacks and a topping lift should work well for this. The lazy jacks will contain the sail on top of the boom well enough until you dock after you lash it to the boom and the topping lift will allow the boom to swing freely. My lazy jack set-up also supports the boom so I do not need a topping lift.

Get yourself some sail ties,

Get yourself some sail ties, or make a few out of nylon webbing, and roll the main secured to the boom just as you've seen.  First drop the main into the cockpit and support the boom with the boom crutch in back.  You might fit it easier to put the crutch in one of the seat holes for this so you have room to move around.  You can start the roll from the top, but we usually fold the main around the third seam from the top, and roll using this seam as the starting guide.  You can rest the main on the boom to help pull out wrinkles as you roll, and it definitely helps to have two people.  Use a few ties to secure it to the boom, and then just cleat the mainsheet in the main cleat to keep it secure.  No need to wrap the sheet around the sail or anything.  You can then leave it all up under a mooring cover when you get in, or drop the boom with sail on it into the boat if you use a trailer cover.  I usually put a couple of cushions under the boom if I drop it in the boat to keep the sail off the floor in case there is some water left in the boat.  

Lazy Jack Option

Thanks for the suggestion, but I want to keep it simple for the moment. I will tuck it away for the future if necessary.




Sail Ties

Good advice. Hope to give it a try this weekend! Thanks!


Good decision

I sail single-handed with mid-boom sheeting and only drop my main on the water when I need to dock under jib alone. It probably takes me about 5 minutes to deploy the lazy jacks, but it is easy to do alone. Enjoy the boat.