Spring, and Sailing, Just Around the Corner

We had several inquiries the last week about dates for the annual Glow regatta. That tells me spring, and sailing season, is around the corner and we better get crackin'. So here it is, this year's Glow will be held August 24-26 at Clinton Lake (Illinois). Other Midwest District dates that are important: June 23-29 NACs at Carlyle Lake, August 3-5 Ephraim Regatta (also Midwest Districts). We haven't heard yet the date for the Egyptian Cup or the Whale of a Sail, both at Carlyle Lake. I also have a lead on a multi-class regatta outside Indianapolis that our Flying Scot pals, Geoff and Patrick Endris, have invited their fellow Scots to. That will be some time in May, but we have not got a firm date yet on that.

That's all the news on regattas for now. We're headed to the Midwinters March 18-23 in New Orleans and I know a few other Midwesterners will be there. Keep your fingers crossed for warm weather!