Sail flotation and Reef Points Installed


Where is the best, cheapest place to have reefing points, and flotation installed on may mainsail?  My sail manufacturer is Schurr Sails.  I am a newbie so I wont think of doing any of this myself.


A good local sailmaker, if

A good local sailmaker, if you have one, can do the work for reefpoints. If none is close, or good, I would send the sail to Schurr. They would likely do the best job at a reasonable price. Schurr would take out the guess work on placement, grommets, etc. They know where the reef goes on a Scot sail, where your local sailmaker might not. By the way, what is the goal of the reef? If you want to make the boat easier to handle, a better vang might actually help more. Also actually putting the reef in the sail while if you are overpowered, on the water probably is not as easy as it might sound. Mainsail flotation slides on over the head of the sail and is held in place by the main halyard shackle. Flying Scot Inc is the place to buy the flotation.

Phil Scheetz

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club

Yes, I have emailed Schurr

Yes, I have emailed Schurr and they replied with a reasonable price for reefing, so I will probably be mailing the main out to them sometime this winter. Are you talking about loosening the vang to twist the sail a little more to hold less air? I am a newbie, so bear with me.

Actually the opposite.

Actually the opposite. Tightening the vang until you think the boom might break, and then a little more, flattens the sail, bends the mast and boom, and makes the boat easier to control upwind, which Is usually when you feel the most overpowered. My boat had an ineffective vang, with very little purchase, when I got it. One problem is that the skipper or crew had to come off the rail to the center of the boat to tighten. I then installed a 12:1 "Kelly Gough" vang, that I can easily trim while sitting on the rail. Thus if the boat is overpowered, you can crank the vang. This setup also makes it much easier to ease it, as you must before going around the corner at the weather mark. If not, you have a high likelihood of breaking the boom if it is really cranked. Where do you live? If you have a fleet nearby, they can help you dial in the boat, and your technique. If you visit Eastern PA, we have "rig check" days in the spring to get the old salts to dial in the rigs for the new guys. Also, crewing for various people is a great way to see how others boats are rigged and how they handle the boat. Phil Scheetz FS 4086 Lake Nockamixon

Phil Scheetz

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club