Outboard Motor

I am new to sailing and decided to jump in by buying a Flying Scot. Looking for some feedback on an outboard motor. I assume as I get better with sailing I won't need a motor at all. However, for getting off the trailer and in/out of the marina I would think a motor to start with might be a good idea.  Anyone have a suggestion on a good motor. I assume I would want to be able to remove the motor once out in the lake and sailing around.



There are many past posts on this site that can help you.  The search engine is pretty good


Outboard motor

Have been using a Minnkota 40lb trolling motor to get me in and out of a tight slip.  You'll obviously need the FS motor mount, a deep cycle battery and box (anchored to the tabernacle), a length of marine-grade 2-conductor electrical cable running from the battery to an electrical plug/receptacle mounted through the transom. Also suggest you rig up a "Palm" system described elsewhere in the forum - it will keep the mainsheet from fouling on the motor and possibly yanking your brand-new trolling motor into the drink (words of experience...).

I like the trolling motor setup because if I want to remove it while I'm sailing, I can just unplug it from the transom, lift it off the mount and stow it in the boat until we're ready to head in.

Good luck!

Outboard Motor

Sitting on the front deck straddling the forestay and paddling with a kayak paddle moves the boat quite well.