OLD jibsheet winch mounting hardware missing?

Hello all. Our Scot is an old Customflex, #476. It came to us a few years ago with small brass drum-type jibsheet winches mounted on wood blocks on the gunwhales. At the end of last season, those blocks, along with the centerboard cap, tiller, and tiller extension, were all in need of refinishing. The existing finish did not appear to be marine grade, and had mostly failed. I removed the centerboard cap before storing because it needed more work than the blocks. I went to remove the blocks this past week, which is where things start to go sideways. 

The winches were bolted through the blocks with four countersunk screws. I gently removed the first screw, as I couldn't see the underside and didn't know exactly how these were fastened. I knew there was backing material of some kind from when our floatation foam webbing failed right after we bought the boat, but I couldn't recall seeing fasteners. The screw came out without much fanfare, and I didn't hear anything drop. I proceeded to remove the others and had the same experience. It seemed that perhaps they were threaded directly into the backing material. I never heard hardware fall, though, so ???  

I went to reinstall the mounting blocks and winches, and found that the screws would, of course, not tighten. They do thread down into the holes, but there is no purchase at the end. So now the question: Does anyone have experience with how these were typically installed? Should there be hardware on the other side? If not, what is the appropriate fix for the holes? I can't wedge myself under the seat to drop the foam and look, so I'm going to ask around the club where I sail to recruit some assistance there. If I need to buy some hardware, I'd rather do it now so that I have it when I have help who can get to them. 


Any tips are helpful! Thanks. 




Mounting Blocks/ Winches

I would contact Harry at Flying Scot.  They are very helpful with questions such as these.


Found some info

For anyone who finds this post looking for this information, I found this older post with a bunch of useful information. Short story: I need to find a small person to get under the seats to help me install new washers and nuts. Fortunately for my case, the factory installed the new-style floatation anchor straps a few years ago, so moving the foam should be easy. 


Jonathan Woytek

FS #476