The National Event

The central object in the FSSA web site National Event pages is the National Event itself.  Not only is it's content used throughout, it is referenced directly by other content to complete the picture.

The key parts of the National Event are:

  • Title: Be sure to be specific.  Include the year or occurrence.  For example don't entitle the event "North American Championships".  Instead use "52nd North American Chamspionship".   The main reason for this is to make it easier to reference in the other components of the National Event.
  • National Event Type: One of the current 4 types, ACC, NAC, Midwinters and Wife-Husband.  This is used to reference past winners.
  • Event Host Site: Where the event is being held.  This is used to reference local information like Dining Suggestions, Attractions and Lodging Suggestions.
  • Details: This is the welcome message for the first National Event page.
  • Notice of Race: This is a file upload.  It can be PDF, Text or Word document.
  • Regatta Photos: This is a web site URL which points to where the event photos are found.  It can be on the FSSA web site or any other.
  • Regatta Results:  This is a web site URL which points to where the event results are found.  If possible they should be on the FSSA site but this is not enforced here.
  • Date: Select the date range for the event.  This is what places the event in the Upcoming Events listings on the web site.
  • Contact Email: Where email questions for the event are to be sent.