Missing Jib Halyard Block

I recently bought #1590 after it had been resting under the trees for about ten years. Among other things, it is missing the block for the jib halyard that is located just under where the forestay attaches to the mast.  It looks as though it should be something narrow to cary the wire and have a becket or tab with a hole sized for the pin but I can't seem to find any reference to what type of block that is. Could someone out there send a harken part number or something that will tell me what to look for? I've got several friends with extensive collections of bits that I may be able to scavenge.




Not Harken

You can order the block from flying scot inc.  it is not a harken.  Part. Number 120314 for $23.70.  You may want to send a photo to be sure you don't need any other parts to put it on.

Phil Scheetz

Flying Scot 5919

Fleet 163, Nockamixon Sail Club