Main and Jib Halyard winch box

The holes are elongated on the sides of the winch box causing difficulty in winching up the main .

Has anyoine removed their winch bolt and had a machinist bore and install busings to make the mechanism work properly. I'm trying to avoid buying a new winch box


I think you might be cooked.

I think you might be cooked.  I assume you're saying that the cheek plate's where the halyard spool holes come through are enlarged.  I have a 1965 boat with original winch box - and it's perfect - I can't imagine how the could get that way.  

Anyway, that winch assembly is a bear to take apart and reassemble - even if you could get bushings made - which I cannot think how they would be installed to last.  I'm a total DIY'er and have restored and repaired a heck of a lot on my boat - however, with this I think after all the work and labor - you would look back and think the savings was not worth it.

However, if you come up with a solution and 'fix' - I would love to hear how you did it as it is a challenging problem...